Smart Building Levante – Bari, 22 – 23 November 2018

Smart Building Levante in Bari was a new event that was welcomed by a market prone to smart building services innovation, particularly for home and building automation, energy efficiency, advanced security systems. The number of visitors matched the quality of leads collected by exhibitors, which clearly shows the high potential of a market of smart products and applications for homes and cities. Bringing topics linked to digital transformation and construction 4.0 to a southern Italian city like Bari, which is at the forefront of telecommunications technology, and the feedback at the end of the two-day show confirm we are on the right path.

A Successful Debut

The first show in Bari of Smart Building Levante marked a debut with very important results for supply and demand, with +80 exhibitors and +5,000 professional visitors. This is an important outcome and conveys the scope of the event and its market response. What matters, very much, is the strong interest from the economic and professional fabric of Bari and the whole Puglia region — they have seen Smart Building Levante as a resource to give exposure to and consolidate locally the idea of sustainability through the technological evolution of the building services. All of the partnerships were key to achieving the excellent outcome of the event.

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We are as happy with the show as almost all of the exhibitors are — well-known large companies as well as large distributors and startups collected a good number of leads during the two full days of the show, both consolidating existing contacts and acquiring new ones. I believe that our event has definitely fulfilled the task that every fair must be able to accomplish. Credit for the success of Smart Building Levante should also go to the institutions, bodies and professional categories that contributed to it and its success.

Foto di Luca Baldin Luca Baldin
Event Manager
Smart Building Levante

Satisfaction Coming From Social Media

Following a first, quick survey, the level of satisfaction with the attendance and the leads obtained ranges between ‘excellent’ and ‘good.’ We have received many comments, such as: “With this event we could meet many partners and customers in just two days, while presenting our brands and showing our expertise. At the same time, it was a moment of success and sharing. These have been days of intense and enthralling activity, resulting in a fruitful and interesting exchange of ideas and professional knowledge.” Exhibiting companies enjoyed the experience, and they showed it through the many posts shared on their social channels at the end of Smart Building Levante. It is spontaneous evidence of the positive feedback received at the show.

The Smart Building Culture

Smart building is also cultural innovation. The large attendance to the conferences and technical workshops, some organized by the exhibitors themselves, showed both the need to know the evolving technological landscape and the desire of installers and designers — engineers, assessors, surveyors, architects — to develop their professionalism. Bari was home to topics such as 5G, BIM and BMS in building services design, energy saving tools, electrical systems with different performance levels as the enabling technology for smart homes and buildings, energy efficiency and the BUL network for public buildings, new security scenarios, the next upcoming TV transition to DBVT-2 technology. So many people attended the meetings — this showed a strong demand for novelties, driven by the awareness that such topics are the future of professions linked to smart buildings and cities.

A Good Press

The interest that Smart Building Levante has aroused can be measured by the exposure it has obtained from the media, i.e. newspapers, internet, television. Many articles and reports have been published and aired since the press conference in late October and during the event. This has certainly promoted the event and its exhibitors, and it has enabled the public to discover what technology can offer to provide comfort and safety to the smart home inhabitants and to save money. And it should not be forgotten that renovating the building services and vertical wiring adds value to the house.

The Smart Building Prize

The lecture at Politecnico di Bari by Mr. Marco Gay, President of Anitec-Assinform (national association of Information & Communication Technology companies operating in Italy) and CEO of Digital Magics, a business incubator, introduced the show. Mr. Gay gave a passionate speech on the value of technological innovation and progress-driven opportunities, despite young people’s fears (read the news here). His speech was followed by the presentation of the Smart Building 2018 Prize, awarded to three great projects, all marked by their ‘humanistic’ nature that focused on people and their well-being in technologically advanced solutions for construction, sustainability, service delivery, circular economy (regenerative materials). These are three examples of ‘new architecture’ balancing sustainability and technological intelligence.

Smart Building Italia is committed to supporting and promoting innovation in electrical and electronic systems in buildings and digital transformation in Italy. As part of this commitment, it follows closely the developments of technological evolution applied to the concept of smart functions and services in buildings. Alongside the architecture awards, the Smart Building Prize was also awarded to innovative products presented by the companies exhibiting at the show in Bari.