Smart Building Levante

Smart Building Levante is the event that was missing for professionals and companies dealing with Building Innovation in southern Italy, with its overview of the technologies and services needed to innovate electronic, electrical and plumbing systems, i.e. to go ahead with Building 4.0.

At Smart Building Levante Plant innovation for Building 4.0 will be the main topic with electrical and electronic systems, energy efficiency and state of the art plumbing, professional audio video for houses, productive and public service buildings in view of the smart city.

For designers, installers, facility and energy managers, construction companies and public sector, Smart Building Levante represents a unique meeting-place to see the future technologies of the smart city and to learn new information for their professional updating.

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Product areas

Connectivity 4.0

At Smart Building Levante all the solutions to exploit the potentialities of the network will be available: optical fibre, wi-fi, satellite, IoT and innovation distribution systems. Going fast is part of a company and territory competitiveness.

Home and building automation

Home and building automation is becoming even more essential in everyday life, at home and at work, with innovative solutions for costs management and building efficiency.

Energy efficiency and smart lighting

Energy saving is a key issue for any domestic or professional user. Nowadays technology offers advanced solutions to help buildings reach “zero emissions” target.

Professional Audio Video Control

Digital signage, technologies for advanced marketing in the management of public areas and services that create an “immersive city”. A city that offers even more involving sensorial experiences thanks to even more sophisticated audio video solutions.


The demand for safety is growing vertiginously and companies are offering even more innovative and efficient solutions to meet this request. Video surveillance, access control, anti-intrusion alarm systems, remote control systems represent an important potential market that any technician should be aware of.

Advanced plumbing

Condensation heaters, solar systems, sophisticated control systems, heating pumps are features of a new plumbing at low costs with benefits for the environment.

Target audience

Main initiatives

Training and information

In partnership with training centres, supply chain and professional associations, Smart Building Levante offers a series of professional meetings providing training and information specifically designed to meet operators various needs.

Smart Building Award

Innovation means meeting forward-looking clients and quality technicians. In order to recognize this virtuous combination, the Smart Building Award was set up, and this year it has reached its third edition. The Award highlights the building projects that best apply the concept of intelligent building in civil housing.

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