Smart Building Levante 2021

Smart Building Levante

25-26 June 2021 – Fiera del Levante, Bari

25-26 June 2021 – Fiera del Levante, Bari

After the great success of the first edition in 2018, the city of Bari, in southern Italy, is again home to ‘Smart Building Levante’, a biennial event dedicated to technological innovation for homes, buildings and cities in southern Italy. The 2021 edition results from a closer cooperation with ACMEI (a leading distributor of electrical and electronic equipment in southern Italy) and has a new concept, which rightly highlights the choice of Bari, one of the Mediterranean capitals, as host city. Smart Building Levante not only showcases the most advanced technologies in telecommunications, home automation, security, and energy consumption, but it will focus on technologies to mitigate global warming in typically Mediterranean environments.

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Building services engineers account for a third of construction professionals, and building services are almost half of the value of that market. This is enough to show that new building services engineering is crucial to a new construction sector. When passive technology (building envelope) meets and interacts with active technology (building services), energy efficiency, performance, and new comfort are promoted, and the result is a smart building. The approach, however, differs from latitude to latitude and Smart Building Levante wants to focus on the different design and technological approaches needed in the Mediterranean regions.

Home and building automation form an integral part of a systematic approach to energy efficiency. With the upcoming entry into force of the European Directive that requires all new buildings to be Nearly Zero-Emission Buildings (nZEB) by 31 December 2020, those are urgent issues. Consequently, Smart Building Levante will provide food for thought about how that goal should be handled in regions that, rather than fighting cold weather, are fighting and will increasingly fight rising.
The 2021 event in Bari sets a goal that by tradition belongs to the city: to act as an international hub, to focus on what is happening on the other side of the sea, aiming to involve operators and experiences from countries experiencing the same problems as southern Italy.

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Innovative Building Services Engineering in Construction 4.0

Technologies & Territories

Smart Building Levante approach to technological innovation will be original, based on the climate and development of the Mediterranean regions. With the upcoming entry into force of the European Directive that requires all new buildings to be Nearly Zero-Emission Buildings (NZEB) by 31 December 2020, those are urgent issues.

A Bridge Over the Mediterranean

Consistent with Bari internationalization activity, Smart Building Levante will aim to engage the Mediterranean basin countries and recommend new promising markets that share the problem of global warning to their companies.

Partner of ACMEI

In 2021, the partnership between Smart Building Levante and ACMEI, a leading distributor of electrical and electronic equipment in southern Italy, will become stronger. Such cooperation aims to drive an exponential growth of business opportunities for exhibitors and visitors and make the show and its training events more attractive.

The Steering Committee

Giuseppe Cafaro

Politecnico Bari

Luca Baldin

Smart Building Levante

Pasquale Capezzuto

President of the Energy Managers Association

Pasquale Iacovone


Valeria Cicinelli

Energy Managers Association

Antonio Stragapede

Sustainable Building District Puglia

Raphael Mayer Aboav


Raffaello Juvara

Editor and editor in chief of the magazine essecome


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